Public Outreach

Public outreach is a key component of the Downtown Specific Plan Update because this is ultimately the community’s plan, and is a reflection of the community’s values and aspirations for Downtown.  Effective public participation promotes broad-based understanding, and ensures that the interests and needs of the community are integrated into the planning process.  Through the duration of the update, the community will be well informed of the planning process and have ample opportunity to provide input through a variety of media and venues. The Task Force, which is comprised of elected and appointed officials, Pleasanton Downtown Association members, and residents and business owners, takes public input seriously.

A variety of outreach methods are planned (and have already taken place), and include small group/pop-up meetings at places like the Farmers' Market, and larger group community meetings, in addition to online engagement, including this website, social media, an email distribution list, and online surveys.  Also, members of the public are encouraged to provide feedback to the Task Force electronically, or in person at a Task Force meeting.  Prior to adoption of a plan, multiple City commissions/committees, including the Planning Commission and the Economic Vitality Committee, will have the opportunity to provide direction.  Ultimately, public hearings will be held for review and approval of the plan by the City Council.     

To-date, public outreach has included:

More recent public outreach events include an online survey and a Community Meeting (that took place on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 (400 Old Bernal Avenue / Library Conference Room / 6:30 pm).