Land Use Designations and discrepancies

The maps above identify where changes are proposed to the land use designation for the General Plan, Downtown Specific Plan. The proposed land use changes are being considered to correct inconsistencies between the existing General Plan, Downtown Specific Plan, and/or zoning designations for the subject properties, and in some cases, to adjust land use designations based on previous direction from the Task Force. 

Land use discrepancy "Map A" identifies properties proposed to be changed with review and eventual adoption of the Downtown Specific Plan Update by the City Council.  Land use discrepancy "Map B" identifies properties proposed to be changed in the future, and would be identified as an implementation action to allow for additional outreach to these property owners. Details regarding the proposed changes can be found in this table (subject properties are identified with Assessor's Parcel Number and address, and correspond to the numbers on the maps). 

The Task Force appointed by the City Council to guide the overall Downtown Specific Plan update began its review of these proposed land use changes, with an initial discussion held at its meeting on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

At this meeting, the Task Force began to review and receive public input on the above-mentioned proposed changes to land use designations. The Task force did not take action or make a recommendation on these potential changes at the March 27 meetingThe Task Force also considered draft chapters of the revised specific plan, and hosted a scoping meeting to receive public comment on the scope and content of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). 

Please also note that Downtown Specific Plan Update Task Force initiated discussion regarding a Mixed Use - Downtown land use designation for the existing civic center site at its January 23, 2018, meeting

The Task Force is anticipated to discuss changes to land use designations and provide a recommendation at its June 26, 2018, meeting.

These topics, among other updates to the Downtown Specific Plan, will also be placed on a future Task Force meeting agenda(s), and recommendations from the Task Force and the Planning Commission will be provided to the City Council for a final decision, likely in late 2018/early 2019. All of these future meetings will be duly noticed. To best remain informed about these topics and the Downtown Specific Plan Update, you are encouraged to sign up for email updates that will provide notification regarding future Task Force and other meetings.