The City of Pleasanton is updating our Downtown Specific Plan. This site provides up-to-date information about the project, its schedule, ways to participate, project documents, press releases, and City contacts.

Downtown is the heart of Pleasanton.  In recent years, development and preservation in the Downtown has been guided by the Downtown Specific Plan adopted in 2002.  The Specific Plan has been successful in its goal of improving upon the commercial and residential viability of the Downtown while preserving the traditions of its small-town character and scale.  The underlying fabric of Downtown – its inviting streetscape, pedestrian-friendly scale, distinct design character and ambiance – will continue to be built on.  Fourteen years after adoption of the Downtown Specific Plan, though, it is time assess the successes of the current Plan and to see if changes are needed going forward.  

A successful Downtown Specific Plan reflects the ideas and priorities of the whole Pleasanton community, so we invite you to take a look around and share your vision for the future of Downtown Pleasanton. Please check back often for updates, press releases, announcements of planning meetings and other ways to participate in plan documents. Sign up for our mailing list here

Project Milestones

The Pleasanton Downtown Specific Plan update process consists of six main steps. See the Project Schedule for further details.


  1. Project Start-up

  2. Issue Identification

  3. Existing Conditions, Issues, and Options

  4. Alternatives Refinement, Financial and Fiscal Analysis

  5. Draft Specific Plan and Public Review

  6. Specific Plan Adoption

Project Area Map

Planning Area Map

City Council adopts the Specific Plan at its August 20, 2019, meeting (Item 22). Check out the press release.

Details for meetings to-date can be found here.